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Healthy Pregnancy Guided Meditation

The Healthy Pregnancy Guided Meditation is a guided meditation for pregnancy that is twelve minutes long and inspires moms-to-be with health and positivity for this stage in your life. Take the time for self-care and mindfulness, and revel in the amazing process unfolding inside of you. Relax your body, mind, and spirit, and concentrate on how healthy and nourished you feel as you create life with this prenatal meditation.

There are many positive effects of meditation during pregnancy, so add this to your practice. This meditation inspires you to appreciate the health and wisdom of your body. It is warm, relaxing, and a welcome affirmation as you wait to meet your little one. Take a break from preparing for your baby’s arrival, and join other mindful mamas-to-be in “Putting the om in mom!”

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Healthy Pregnancy

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