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Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation

The Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation is seventeen minutes long and guides you chakra by chakra through harmonizing your body, mind, and spirit’s key energy centers. Whether you pay a lot of attention to chakras or not, this is a fantastic way to see where you might have some imbalances, and to bring your whole self into harmony.

This meditation inspires you to fine-tune all of the various elements of yourself, from your creativity, to your inner wisdom, to your relationships with others. Set in a relaxing, neutral environment, this guided track asks you to imagine the seven colors that align with the seven chakras. Overall, the tone is relaxing and positive, calling you to be one with your higher authentic self. Take the time for self-care and indulge in this rich and healing chakra balancing guided meditation.

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Chakra Balancing