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About Mind Over Mother

Mind Over Mother is a mindfulness resource selling downloadable guided meditations for busy moms, moms-to-be, and moms at heart. My name is Mary Macdonald and I write and record all of the meditations you'll find here, in addition to curating or designing all of the physical products for sale. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my son, Theo, my chef husband, Todd, and our two pugs, Gertie and Olive. 

I went through two and a half years of infertility before I became a mother. This frustrating, scary, and hopeless process took me to the very limits of who I was as a person, forcing me to confront many difficult emotions. In this very dark time, I developed a mindfulness meditation practice that not only pulled me out of the shadows, but gave me the grounding and hope that I was looking for. We finally discovered our rare fertility issue and conceived using IVF. I used the same tools I'd developed to overcome postpartum depression after the birth of my son, and now I use guided meditation to weather the ups and downs of my hectic new life!

It's my firm belief that all mothers deserve peace, strength, courage, joy, and self-care. Motherhood is difficult. Our needs often fall on the back burner. In my struggles with infertility and postpartum depression, I developed a series of meditations that I would do every day to cultivate stillness and wisdom, get back in touch with my authentic self, and nurture a positive attitude. I'd talk to myself with affirming words that I needed to hear, all while trying to capture the essence of what I was going through.

One day, before the birth of my son, my acupuncture therapist heard me listening to one of the meditations I'd recorded. It was about preparing for the birth. "This is really good," she said. "You should make these for other moms!" The idea for Mind Over Mother was born. Since then, I've been learning my craft, studying mindfulness, and creating content for the large and vibrant community of moms, moms-to-be, and moms at heart who are looking to make mindfulness a bigger part of their lives. 

You are not alone in this challenging and exciting work you do. My goal is to make this site a resource and asset to you on your journey. Take a little time for yourself today and join me in "putting the om in mom!"